Researches and Articles :

Dr. Ali Yassien has published various number of leading researches and articles including:

– legal aspects of transfer of technology from developed countries to developing countries according to GAT agreement and WTO

– judicial role in applying the rules of ICC ( international criminal court )

– towards an International Arbitration Court in accordance with the WTO rules

-the role of ICC in Developing countries and Human rights .

-Arbitration as a vital mechanism in settlement of International Trade contracts disputes .

-Expedited arbitration as a mechanism in settlement of International Trade disputes .

-Mail Arbitration and E-Transactions .

-Media legislations .

-mortgage law

-comparative studies in abatement of dud cheque crime.

-Appeal in criminal matters between facts and law.

-FIFA rules concerning Professional sports .

– a research in setting up Suez Canal international arbitration center .

-study of establishing Guide legal center in China .

Lectures :

Dr. Ali Yassien has lectured in Egyptian ,International universities and legal entities as: American University in Sharjah- UAE , Dubai ,kings college –London ,ICJ (international court of justice)