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Our Vision

Our Vision

Yassien & Partners consider one of the leading law firms in Egypt. It has established in 2007 as a fully integrated law firm that aggregates between legal experiences and skills which ensure presenting the best of the accomplished legal solutions at a low cost.

Our strong ambush in our client’s faith and their feeling with reassurance and safety with receiving the highest levels of service they deserve through innovative legal solutions and beneficial form the commerce side with focusing on making the law work with their rights.

Previously we have presented consultation to a wide variety of clients including governmental organizations, Corporations, Banks as well local and global financial institutions.

What makes us distinctive?

Judicial experiences, academic background in addition to work in lawyering and arbitration with our four factors Efficiency, Specialization, Accuracy, and Speed in carrying out all legal matters. We care about our client’s rights globally through partnerships with a lot of law firms from all over the world that means that we care about your rights and business on a broader and more comprehensive scale. The aim is to provide the best legal services to clients and support their commercial matters in Egypt and abroad.

We aim to provide our legal services in obligation with our core values.


We enjoy the diversity of our employees. We value our relationships and respect each other and those with whom we work. Our respect upholds the law and regulations to the highest ethical standards.


Transparency forms the backbone of Yassien & Partners. We aim to maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our dealings with our employees and clients.

The responsibility

We have a responsibility to provide the highest quality of professional service responsively to our clients. We also have a responsibility towards the wellbeing of our employees and the wider communities in which we operate.


We value the commitment of our employees to constantly learn and improve, and we support them with their personal and professional growth.


We work collaboratively, share goals, hold ourselves and each other accountable, and celebrate success by valuing and recognizing each employee’s contribution.


We constantly seek to re-examine how we provide our services to clients to ensure that we are making the optimum use of available technology and resources. Being innovative and entrepreneurial is an integral part of our service proposition.

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