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Our Legislative Drafting Practice consists of lawyers who regularly contribute to the development and drafting of a significant number of laws and subsidiary legislation around the Middle East. We are one of only a handful of law firms to offer such a pool of expertise.
Our Legislative Drafting Practice consolidates Yassien & Partner’s expertise in the areas of legislation development and drafting, public and administrative law, procurement, structuring and governance of private and public sector entities including federal and local Governments. We work closely with the firm’s other practices to offer a thorough and collaborative spectrum of legal expertise.
Our team, fluent in Arabic and English, is experienced in the requirements of the public sector, including the need to produce clear and concise legislation. We understand how this legislation must fit and integrate into an existing constitutional and legislative framework.
Our Expertise
• We are regularly consulted by government entities in respect of the drafting of new laws or subsidiary legislation. This involves:
• Carrying out a gap analysis to determine what is missing or could be improved in the existing legislation.
• Performing a benchmarking exercise to see what is done in other countries, determining any relevant international obligations that will need to be met.
• Consulting with all stakeholders to ensure that the full spectrum of concerns is understood and dealt with.
• Advice on local legislation and policy issues.
• Legal studies on legislation.
• Drafting of new laws, regulations, rules, policies, and resolutions.
• Amendments to existing laws, regulations, rules, policies and resolutions.
• The redrafting of bills that have been drafted in the English language to conform to the legislative structure in the relevant jurisdiction.
• Given we are at the forefront of legislation and policy drafting, we have an unmatched understanding of the legal landscape and developments affecting the Middle East and our clients.

Our Mission

Yassien and partners based on the specialization that guarantees you accurate and professional legal protection, which guarantees the provision of legal support to clients from lawmen who specialize in your activity. Combining expertise and specialization is the most important thing that distinguishes us.

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