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Dr. Aly Yassien was graduated from faculty of Law  Cairo university at (1982-1983 ). Since then and after he has committed all his attitude to be more updated with the international laws and legal studies concerning important topics,so he sought to obtain post-graduate degrees as : A Diploma of international commercial law “the mechanism of the WTO” (kings college – London university), PHD at international arbitration commercial law ( Holborn college – London ) ,LLM degree in Maritime transport and logistics “Arab academy for science ,technology and maritime transport ,a Pre doctoral researcher in investment dispute settlement mechanism.

He started his career as a veteran lawyer in the end of 2007 and day by day he gets to prove his professionalism, efficiency and expertness acquiring trustworthy of his clients and respect of his competitors and the official authorities , he acted as the legal counselor for many entities : PHD (Palm hills development) – HSBC –Memaar Elmorshedy – Sama Cairo Group – Venus international group – Egyptian housing finance company – EMRC-EGYPTIAN MORTGAGE REFINANCE COMPANY – shams group . Dr. Ali yassien acquired, due to his studies, great experience, knowledge and reputation in the field of arbitration which qualified him to be appointed as an arbitrator in various arbitral tribunals where he proved a lot of professionalism, efficiency and wisdom. He also is well informed about Egyptian and International market updates through courses and conferences he attended in Paris, Dubai, Sharjah , Ajman, Egypt, Italy, Holland, and other countries , also he has played and continues to play a key role in drafting new legislation and developing existing economic legislation as adviser to the various governmental entities and as member of the national drafting committees on many important laws (Commercial law , Shipping and aviation law , mortgage law , uniform building code , illegal immigration law , Sports law he also called for promulgating a law for constructing International Suez canal Arbitration Centre and presented a draft to the competent authority )

Dr. Ali Yassien has published various number of leading research and articles including:

  • Legal aspects of transfer of technology from developed countries to developing countries according to GAT agreement and WTO.
  • Judicial role in applying the rules of ICC (international criminal court.
  • Towards an International Arbitration Court in accordance with the WTO rules.
  • The role of ICC in Developing countries and Human rights.
  • Arbitration as a vital mechanism in settlement of International Trade contracts disputes.
  • Expedited arbitration as a mechanism in settlement of International Trade disputes.
  • Mail Arbitration and E-transactions.
  • Media legislations.
  • Mortgage law.
  • Comparative studies in abatement of dud cheque crime.
  • Appeal in criminal matters between facts and law.
  • FIFA rules concerning Professional sports.
  • A research in setting up Suez Canal international arbitration center.
  • Study of establishing Guide legal center in China.

Dr. Ali Yassien has lectured in Egyptian, International universities and legal entities as: American University in Sharjah- UAE, Dubai, king’s college –London, ICJ (international court of justice)- Holland.

  • 1985: Dr. Ali Yassien was appointed as a prosecuting attorney in the Egyptian General Prosecution where he progressed in it till, he served as a head chief prosecutor also he was delegated to work in the attorney-general office “Inspectorate”.
  • 2001: Dr. Ali Yassien was appointed as the head chief of Cairo court for urgent matters till 2002.
  • 2006: Dr. Ali Yassien was appointed as Vice-President of the appellate court till the start of 2007, where he ended his career as a Judge and detected his time for his studies and arbitration.
  • 2007: Dr. Ali Yassien started his career as a professional arbitrator, where he was nominated as an arbitrator in many important disputes.
  • 2011: Dr. Ali Yassien was nominated as the councilor of HSBC Bank, EMRC-EGYPTIAN MORTGAGE REFINANCE COMPANY, EHFC “Egyptian housing finance company”.
  • 2013: Dr. Ali Yassien was nominated as the councilor of Memaar Almorshedy.
  • 2014: Dr. Ali Yassien was nominated as the legal councilor of PHD “Palm Hills Development”.


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